Tips for Food and Beverage Trade Show Success

food and beverage trade show

Food and beverage trade shows are incredible opportunities to launch or expand your product line, make connections, generate sales, and get in front of buyers and industry pros.

We want you to leave every trade show with an exhibitor experience like Living Tree Foods, winners of the Gold top product award at last year’s From The Ground Up Trade Show.

Become a trade show pro with Good to Grow’s tips for trade show success

These pointers will support you in success at any food and beverage trade show, but are especially tailored for Good to Grow’s multi-market channel From The Ground Up Trade Show (FTGU).

  • Prepare your pitch for retail buyers and food service buyers to ensure you connect with and sell to multiple market channels.
  • Create a sell sheet that sells by having one for each market channel. For FTGU, create sell sheets for retail grocery and food service. Quick sell sheet tips: include engaging food or packaged product photos; have a strong tagline; less is more for the front of the sheet, while the back of the sell sheet should include all of the information that is on your packaging.
  • Include sample packaging for both retail and food service in your booth.
  • Create a booth space that is engaging and innovative.

Key takeaway: when you are selling to different market channels, you need to be prepared for each channel to cultivate the most success.

From The Ground Up Trade Show is a unique B.C. food and beverage trade show opportunity that provides access to multiple market channels for sales success.

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