We offer a stages-of-growth approach to growing your food or beverage business from an idea to success—and every stage in between.

Here are the steps we’ll consider at each stage:

Seed Stage

You’re a start-up, and you need to create a solid business plan for that seed of an idea. Whether the seed’s in the ground already, or not quite ready to plant, we’ll help you define and grow your business.

$0–$50,000 in annual revenue

Sprout Stage

The product and plan are in place, and your business is sprouting. Don’t let packaging and distribution issues cause your business to wilt. We’ll help your brand emerge to market successfully.

$50,000–$500,000 in annual revenue

Growth Stage

Your business is expanding and sales are blossoming. Now is the time to talk long-term finance, operations, and multiple market channels, and guess what? We’ve been there. We know exactly how to guide your business to sunshine and sales.

$500,000+ in annual revenue