It’s Good to Grow your essential business skills

You have a great product or idea. And maybe no one else is doing it.

You’re going for it, right?

Hang on a moment. It’s time to figure a few things out.

It’s time to ask yourself the right questions:

Can I scale it up?
Are my margins high enough?
Am I certain the market will accept my product?
What are the real costs of starting a successful food business?
Do I understand the rules and regulations for labeling?

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of answering these questions on your own?

Take our Good to Grow 1 Day Starter Workshop: “Grow Your Food Business”

This one-day course gives you the cold splash in your face that you’ve needed to take a serious look at your product’s true potential.

Knowing your metrics is key to stopping a costly business idea in its tracks or getting the green light to proceed – and we have the tools to help.

Take a closer look at the basics in this one-day workshop. With the help of professionals, who know food processing inside and out, you will cover:

  • Business Planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Market Access 

  • Labeling & Packaging

  • Distribution

  • Digital Strategy

1st Workshop of 2022:

  • Thursday, February 10, 2022
  • 9am – 3pm
  • Online
  • $105 (includes GST)

To secure your spot complete the registration form and pay via PayPal or by e-transfer to


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