Stay Tuned for Our 2025 Date!

PNE Forum, Vancouver

Good to Grow’s annual From the Ground Up Trade Show is the only 100% B.C. trade show connecting our local brands to multiple market channel buyers.

This industry-only 100% B.C. local trade show connects B.C. food and beverage brands at all stages to buyers, distributors, brokers, chefs, media, and other food industry supporters. A showcase to support the incredible processors, producers, and food landscape right here in B.C. The 2024 show was our biggest one yet and we can’t wait to see what 2025 has in store!


From the Ground Up Trade Show Exhibitors Include:

  • B.C. food and beverage brands at all stages, including producers with a value-added product (e.g. branded and packaged)
  • B.C. sustainability-focused businesses that address a challenge in the food and beverage industry (targeting services not products)

We do not accept supplements, alcohol, and CBD related products.

Exhibitor Testimonials

“From the Ground Up is one of our most favourite trade shows! This trade show is very unique because it allows your company to explore opportunities in multi market channels. This show has opened up many doors for our company and has connected us with individuals in institutional food service, retail and other food markets. It would be quite difficult to connect with some of these individuals at any other time, but From the Ground Up does an amazing job of providing vendors an opportunity to network and explore how their product could be a fit in different market segments all across British Columbia.”

Rushd, Owner, Barakah Eats

“We’re delighted with the Trade Show we had! Your incredible efforts have made it truly wonderful. Throughout the event, we not only had the chance to connect with buyers, but we also gained valuable knowledge and had the pleasure of meeting many remarkable individuals. We believe these experiences hold significant meaning for us. Thank you for providing us with such fantastic opportunities.”

Ann Liu, Co-founder and Co-owner, Flavor of China (Wills Food Inc)

Attendee Testimonials

“It was a great show, and I’ve told all of my colleagues that we will likely end up carrying 90% of the items in the show, which is an unprecedented rate of acceptance. Our company has considered this one of the best shows in the field of many contenders since its inception.”

Georgia Main Food Group, Buyer

“Our UBC Culinary and Purchasing team always attend FTGU. It is an excellent opportunity for us to make connections with local F&B businesses. It is also where healthy, local F&B innovation begins. The intimate size of the event is ideal and in just a few hours you can have meaningful conversations with all vendors. At UBC we purchase high quality, nutritious, sustainable foods and prioritize fresh, minimally processed ingredients. We are also deeply committed to local food. We understand that food tastes better and is more sustainable when it is consumed as close to source as possible. FTGU helps us deliver on these important values.”

W. Colin Moore, Director, Food Services, UBC