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  • Our local food community is incredible! Over the last week we have received an outpouring of support from processors and industry members, all with the same goal in mind - to ensure our food and beverage processors succeed.With help from @vancitycu we will be creating an online ordering platform for 30 local food and beverage companies initially. Purchases will be delivered to customers’ homes or there will be the option for no-contact curb side pick-up.Home deliveries will start on the North Shore for the first week and expand to more areas in Metro Vancouver each week.Once our operations are more established (in weeks not months) we will onboard additional processors. We have made a note of everyone who expressed interest in participating!We will be reaching out to the first 30 processors tomorrow Friday March 27, 2020.Seeing the community extend a helping hand to one another and to us with this initiative makes us feel hopeful that moving forward we will not only survive, we will thrive!Photo courtesy of @bersonphoto.jpg#nolocalprocessorleftbehind #buyBC #buylocal #eatdrinkbc #buybclocal
  • In this time of uncertainty and loss @goodtogrowproducts has been thinking of ways to support our local processors.As providers of food, local processors are an essential service.@goodtogrowproducts is organizing an online platform to address the need for local processors to get their products to customers in a different way.We will be setting up an online ordering platform with direct home delivery.If you are a local food and beverage processor and interested in being a part of this please let us know via direct message or an email to info@goodtogrowproducts.com#nolocalprocessorleftbehind #buybc #supportlocal #buylocal
  • Callout to #BClocal food processors! Would you be interested in a potential online platform that allows you to sell direct to consumers during this time?@goodtogrowproducts is working with local commissaries to coordinate an online delivery platform to support food processors in getting their products to consumers, but we need to know if there is interest.What do you think? Send us a note at info@goodtogrowproducts.com if you would like to participate.These are challenging times for local businesses and food producers. They work tirelessly to take care of our community by providing us with food, so please take care of your local food processor and #BuyBC#nolocalprocessorleftbehind #eatdrinkbuyBC
  • We are grateful for a sunny first day of spring today.Spring and summer farmers’ market season is usually one of our most looked forward to times of year.This year is going to be different, yes, but there are still farmers, food processors and market managers working hard to give you safe access to fresh, #BClocal food.Reach out to your local farmers and food processors to see how you can continue to purchase their products, and shop at your local grocer to find #BC food.Learn more on how BC Association of Farmers’ Markets members and markets are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by rethinking and modifying market operations. Visit bcfarmersmarket.org/bcafm-covid19 and follow @bcfarmersmarket for all market updates.#BuyBC #BCFarmersMarkets #SupportLocalBC #EatDrinkBC
  • Your Monday morning check-in: How are you doing? What do you need support with? Let’s make sure we are checking in with each other in the coming weeks.We are always so proud and appreciative of how supportive the #BClocal food and bev community is of each other.We hope today’s sunshine and warmer weather adds much-needed brightness to your day ☀️
  • This week has been full of uncertainty and worry regarding health risks across the province and world.It’s also full of uncertainty and worry for local businesses and budding brands, especially those in the start-up and emerging phase of business. The current situation can devastatingly impact our BC food processors.Put your, your family’s and your community’s health first—always—but please remember while stocking your staples and groceries to support local businesses and food brands in the process.Shop at local, family-run stores, seek produce from local farms, find #BClocal products at the store or online, and reach out to your favourite local food brands and ask them where you can buy their #BC products, so that no #BClocal product gets left behind!Stay well, be positive, shop local.#BuyBC #ILoveBC #BCfood #SupportLocalBC