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Are you a food processor just starting out? Taking your successful food business to the next level? We’re a Food Processing Incubation Centre. We’re designed for you. We have the industry expertise and package to suit your different needs. We offer:

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  • Ain’t that the truth! 🍩Eating BC Local makes us happy!#eatwhatmakesyouhappy #eatlocal #bclocal #bcmade #supportlocal #buylocal #feedbc #eatdrinkbuybc #yvrfoodie #yvreats #bcfoodandbeverage #localbusiness #foodprocessor #foodproducer #bclocal
  • @goodtogrowproducts has coached over 400 BC food and beverage companies.Do you need help planning your marketing, growing your sales, or bringing down your costs of goods in this new climate? Whether you are in the Seed, Sprout, or Growth stage of your business we are here to help guide you to that next level.The @governmentofbc has just announced their COVID-19 Business Recovery Planning program to support producers and food processors - and @goodtogrowproducts is one of the approved consultants.If you are interested in coaching or to see if you are eligible for the government grant please reach out to info@goodtogrowproducts.com#bcbusiness #bcfood #bcgovernment #bcagriculture #bcgrant #government #covid19 #covidrelief #covidresponse #coaching #businesscoach #supportlocal #buybc #eatdrinkbuybc #foodprocessor
  • Many of the BC food and beverage companies @goodtogrowproducts has had the privilege of working with are founded and operated by trailblazing women who are raising families while building businesses.We hear the stories behind the businesses - the reasons why they started and why they push forward when it gets tough. Often their products have roots in family. Recipes passed down through generations or new ones created to share now and into the future.One thing is for sure, the products they create are full of love, and every time we get to enjoy them it’s like we are part of the family!And of course we want to give a special shoutout to our #1 momma at @goodtogrowproducts - Andrea! If any of you have had the opportunity to meet or work with Andrea you know right away that you are all part of her family!Happy Mother’s Day! 🌷 Thank you for your love and dedication.#mothersday #foodbiz #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buybc #yvr #northvancouverbc #localfood #womenrunbusiness
  • F o o d for T h o u g h t 🌱 //
5 Tips for Your Pitch1. Our brains are wired to relax when we talk about ourselves in a high stress situation, so it’s only natural to start by introducing yourself. Your name, position, and company!2. State your company’s product(s), mission, and vision. Be concise and clear.3. What does your company do exceptionally well that sets your product(s) apart from the rest? This is your value proposition.4. Grab the buyers attention and make them remember you with a win or outstanding moment your products have had.5. Make your pitch conversational. Read it out loud so it sounds natural and not forced.Keep your pitch to 30 seconds! Afterwards you can have a more in-depth conversation with the buyer.Don’t forget to practice!Photo: @jessicaquinterophotography#salespitch #30secondpitch #sales #elevatorpitch #buyer #buybc #bcfood #bcfoodanfbev #bcfoodprocessors #madeinbc #uncoverlocal #eatbuydrinkbc  #northvan #cityofnorthvan #lonsdaleavenue #foodbusiness #tips
  • We want to hear from you - our community of BC food and beverage processors 🎤How has your business been affected over these last two months? What do you need in terms of support, both short and long term? Comment below or send us a direct message!@goodtogrowproducts is an approved Business Development consultant with the BC Agri-Business Planning Program. We will keep you updated on how the BC Ministry of Agriculture plans to support your business needs during COVID-19.Also make sure to check out @smallbusinessbc #bcministryofagriculture and #bcchamberofcommerce for support and resources for BC businesses.#bcfood #bcfoodprocessors #bcfoodandbeverage #eatdrinkbuybc #supportlocal #buylocal #buybc #consultant #covid19 #smallbusiness #businesssupport #localbusiness #covidbc #bcbizsupport
  • Do you think about planet Earth when purchasing food? 🌎Earth day is the perfect time to reflect on our foodprint 👣 A foodprint is the environmental impacts associated with the growing, producing/manufacturing, transporting, and storing of our food.So what are some ways to reduce our foodprint?1. Purchasing locally grown and/or processed products requires less transportation to get to us, which means less greenhouse gasses emitted. It also means our local agricultural lands stay productive and not replaced by urban development which supports wildlife and clean air.2. Support companies that are finding innovative ways to upcycle and repurpose food loss and waste! Check out @susgrainable @thespentgrainbaker @goodlyfoods @soulbitefood3. Consider companies that are implementing 100% recyclable and compostable packaging, offering take-back programs, or package-free bulk.4. Talk to the people behind the brands to find out what they are doing! One of the best parts about “local” is that the companies are our neighbours and share many of the same concerns when it comes to protecting our local environment 💚Let us know about some of the amazing BC food and beverage brands you support for their environmental efforts 🌱HAPPY EARTH DAY!#earthday #metrovancouver #bc #buybc #eatdrinkbuybc #feedbc #vancitycu #buylocal #eatlocal #northvancouver #cityofnorthvancouver #uncoverlocalbc