Want to know what it’s like to grow your business with Good to Grow?

Let the founders of Kindred Cultures, Lita’s Mexican Foods, Panela Lemon,
and Yumasoy Foods tell you!

Watch the video below, and then scroll down to see some of the other
amazing brands we’ve worked with.

Here are just a few of the businesses we’ve helped to grow:

Tamaly Shop
KULA Foods
Living Tree Foods
Smart Sweets
Panela Lemon
Wild Remedies Magick Lattes
Hoochy Booch
One Arrow YVR Meats
Kindred Cultures
Grandpa J's
Barakah Eats
Goodly Foods
Bangin Bannock
Sriracha Revolver
Lita's Mexican Foods
Elderberry Grove
Harmonic Arts
Ms Lees Natural Foods
Squamish Water Kefir
Local Pulse
Soup Etc.
Kettle & Hive
Soul Bite Food

And some of the nice things they had to say about us!

“What a great conference today by Good to Grow and an inspiring end to the Sprout Series cohort! Good to Grow is a small and mighty team who know how to make events like the conference amazing. There was an incredibly generous group of speakers who inspired and gave great advice.”

Yumasoy, Steevi McNeely
“We had such an amazing time at From The Ground Up Trade Show. Our brand-new line of Magick Lattes were so well-received (guidance from Andrea and her team were key) and we were able to make some amazing connections right out of the gate. Our new connections now have us onboarded into some of the hottest local retailers (including Whole Foods)! What a fabulous way to kickstart a new business. Thank you, Good to Grow!”
Wild Remedies, Krysta Francoeur

“It has been so valuable to me to have Andrea as a coach. I reached out to her when I started my business and I’ve gathered so much helpful information and advice from her since then. I highly recommend coaching with her. If you can do it at the beginning of your business, that is ideal because you will save time and money on potential mistakes.”

Panela Lemon, Marilyn Cordoba

We love seeing you grow.

The brands we work with have some very nice things to say about us! However, we are the lucky ones every day that we get to work with incredible, innovative, and passionate people.

Ready to grow your business with us?