From The Ground Up Trade Show Reduces Waste & Increases Sustainability with ShareWares

From The Ground Up Trade Show reduces waste with ShareWares.

From The Ground Up Conference & Trade Show is always local, but it hasn’t always been as sustainable as we want. This year, we are excited to welcome back ShareWares to reduce single-use plastic waste in the conference and trade show, and share how the local food and beverage industry can be part of the plastic-waste solution. 

Did you know trade shows generate an estimated 600,000 tons of trash annually, and the average trade show attendee generates 4.5 lbs of waste on a one-day visit? These statistics had us looking like the mind-blown face emoji, and we knew we had to make a change in our trade show experience. 

If you grab a cup of coffee or water at either the May 8 conference or May 9 trade show, you will be using a ShareWares reusable cup that can be dropped in a ShareWares bin to be washed and sanitized for its next use. Good to Grow hopes to empower all FTGU exhibitors to reduce trade show waste by providing the option for exhibitors to work directly with ShareWares and reduce sampling waste. Follow this link to find out how!

Another mind-blowing number: 440 million single-use cups and takeout containers are thrown away in Metro Vancouver each year. With 60+ drop spots in Vancouver, ShareWares’ program is a simple yet innovative opportunity for individuals and businesses to live sustainably and contribute to a circular economy.

Visit ShareWares in the sustainability section at the trade show alongside Immigrant Link Centre Society, who just won the Second Harvest 2024 Frontline Impact Award, and like-minded organizations to learn how the B.C. food and beverage industry can be more sustainable.

Local is Sustainable

From The Ground Up Trade Show is the only 100% B.C. local food and beverage trade show. There are a few reasons why we don’t open it up to all of the incredible food and beverage brands across Canada:

B.C. is home to a thriving and diverse food landscape full of food and bev producers that provide food security, support local communities, and contribute to robust economies. Plus, more local means less travel. Less travel means less greenhouse gas emissions. Less greenhouse gas emissions means a healthier environment. A healthier environment means fresh, nutritious food. 

It makes sense to support local producers first so we can all work together to a food-secure, sustainable future.


Exhibit at the 2024 From The Ground Up Trade Show (registration closes March 29, 2024).

Attend From The Ground Up Trade Show on May 9, 2024 to discover B.C.’s newest and most innovative food and beverage brands.

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