Food and Beverage Businesses Share Insights from Sprout Series

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Sprout Series is one of our favourite business growth opportunities that we offer!

We started Sprout Series in 2020, and since then we’ve hosted six sessions with 92 participating B.C. food and beverage businesses, like Nina’s Pierogi, Panela Lemon, Living Tree Foods, Naas Foods, and Shorba Broth Bar Inc.

We enjoy hosting this workshop series so much because it allows us to dive deep with the businesses we work with. We get to watch new and emerging brands grow to the next stage of success over seven weeks of business education with industry experts and case studies.

Our goal is to support food and beverage businesses to diversify their market channels to confidently sell to grocery retail, food service, and institutional food service.

Key Takeaways from Past Sprout Series Participants

“Sprout Series focuses your attention to aspects of the food industry that may otherwise be overlooked. In the long run, good planning will save you money and stress in getting your business into the black and not into the red.”

Haven Ridge Farm, Fall 2023

“Sprout Series has been an invaluable learning experience, providing us with essential knowledge and skills in various aspects of the food business. Throughout the series, we have gained insights on crucial topics such as food safety, label regulations, packaging, pricing, marketing, and distribution.”

Wills Food Inc., Fall 2023

“…Farmers should attend…  if new to the food industry or even if you’ve been working in it for years. This course prepares farmers and food processors alike for almost anything that might come our way as we get started. If I knew a year ago what I know now my life would look very different.”

Anonymous, Fall 2023

“It will help you implement what you need to do in a logical sequential framework. Save yourself a ton of time and effort by taking this course, instead of trying to figure it all out on your own. Not to mention, you’ll get ahead much farther and faster with less mistakes made, more money saved and less time wasted!”

Protein Powered, 2022

“Sustainable packaging is a focus of many eco-driving companies, big or small, and yet it’s a big headache to implement due to the lack of access to the facilities or understanding of consumers. Sprout Series was such an informative session!”

Anonymous, 2022

“Sprout Series was extremely helpful in gauging how to advance our food safety measurements and also getting to know industrial suppliers as an option.”

Anonymous, 2022

You have the seed of a good business idea–we have the expertise to grow it from the ground up. Are you ready to grow your business? Stay tuned for 2024 workshops!

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