How to Roadmap Your Business at Hatch Your Farm + Food Business workshop

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You’re going on a road trip with a destination and date in mind. Do you skip the map/GPS or route plan with the risk of getting lost? Or, do you plot your route to ensure you arrive at your destination on time, on budget, and with as few speed bumps as possible along the way?

Of course, you map it out. Like a road trip with a destination, the key to starting a business is to roadmap to reach your intended goals. Your roadmap provides a route that guides you as you travel through business decisions and finances, ebbs and flows, and points you on the path to success. 

Your roadmap should include: 

  • executive summary
  • business and company description
  • industry and market analysis
  • sales and marketing strategy
  • operations
  • human resources plan
  • financials
  • the Ask (funds to start a business, where to obtain them, and what to do with the funds)

Be thorough to ensure you stay on course and test for gaps in the map. 

We cover all of this and more at the upcoming Hatch Your Farm + Food Business workshop on March 1, 2024 presented in collaboration with BC Farmers’ Market Association.

Launching Your Business at a Farmers’ Market

A farmers’ market is an optimal opportunity to launch your new B.C. food and beverage business. If you’re a new or emerging business, a booth at a farmers’ market should be part of your roadmap. 

We collaborate with BC Farmers’ Market Association to deliver the Hatch Your Farm + Food Business workshop to educate B.C. entrepreneurs and businesses on how to roadmap and launch at the farmers’ market. If you grow success at the farmers’ market, you are well on your way to success across multiple market channels in B.C.

Hatch Your Farm + Food Business Workshop

Join us on Friday, March 1, 2024, for the next Hatch Your Farm + Food Business workshop, where we will educate on business planning, research and market analysis; product development; branding, packaging, and labeling; pricing, margins, and distribution; and creating a winning farmers’ market experience.

Date: Friday, March 1, 2024
Time: 9 am – 5 pm (refreshments, snacks, and lunch provided)
Location: Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier, North Vancouver, B.C. 

Learn more and register for Hatch Your Farm & Food Business workshop. 


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