5 Tips for a Business Pitch that Sells

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A business sales pitch can skyrocket your food and beverage business to success or send you back to the drawing board. Good to Grow has helped create hundreds of effective sales pitches for our clients over the years, and we’ve compiled five top tips for a pitch that stands out for success: 

  • Share a compelling story about your product, company, and/or category to ensure the buyer remembers your pitch. 
  • Know your audience (buyer) and tailor your pitch to them.
  • Bring the energy, but keep your pitch short and concise. 
  • Tell buyers why your product is different and what sets it apart from other products in the market (hint: don’t say it tastes better).
  • Be prepared with a sell sheet that sells (or two separate sell sheets if you’re selling to different sales channels, such as retail and institutional food service). 

Pitch & Plate

We know creating a sales pitch can be daunting, and even more daunting is finding buyers, presenting the pitch, and landing the sale.

That’s where Pitch & Plate comes in! It is a unique Feed BC initiative delivered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in collaboration with Feed BC public sector institutions. 

The event provides B.C. food and beverage brands with a direct opportunity to access the institutional food service market, specifically post-secondary institutions and healthcare facilities, while giving B.C. institutions the opportunity to pioneer new and innovative local products. 

Pitch & Plate participants will receive educational training sessions where we’ll discuss in-depth how to create a successful sales pitch, review the market channel, prepare sales materials, and go over logistics of the event. Each participant also will have two online one-on-one sessions with Good to Grow. 

Apply for Upcoming Pitch & Plate Events

Pitch & Plate | November 23, 2023
An online event to highlight products from B.C.’s Okanagan region ready to sell to post-secondary or healthcare institutions. Buyers from across B.C. are invited to attend.

Applications close: Monday, October 9, 2023 | Apply now!

Pitch & Plate | February 7, 2024
A hybrid in-person/online event in the Lower Mainland to highlight products from around the province ready to sell to B.C. post-secondary and healthcare institutions. All pitches are required to be in-person. Applications close: Friday, November 3, 2023 | Apply now!

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