3 Actions to Boost Your Food & Bev Business Sales

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Whether you are an emerging food and beverage brand wondering how to build sales success, or you’ve grown your business to exactly where you want to be and you want to keep the momentum, these three actions can make the difference between a buyer sale or bail: Sales pitch. Sell sheet. Follow-up.

  • Sales Pitch
    The buy-in is in your pitch. If you want to sell your product on grocery shelves or in food service cafeterias, you have to sell your product to buyers first. If you’re working with Good to Grow, then you know the value of selling to multiple market channels, which means you need to know your audience and tailor to them for your pitch. Your pitch should be succinct and tell potential buyers why they need your product–does it meet a customer demand or solve a market pain point? Bonus tip: It pays to have a versatile product and flexibility in packaging sizes.

  • Sell Sheet
    Sell sheets are an effective tool to secure sales. A sell sheet is a high quality sheet that showcases your ability to understand your product and its market, and leaves a memorable, tangible impression on potential buyers. It tells the buyer why they should carry your product, highlighting the value and benefits it brings to their customers. Tailor the sell sheet to different market channels. Selling to retail? You need a sell sheet specific to retail. Selling to food service? You need a sell sheet specific to food service. Do not include pricing on your sell sheet.

  • Follow-up
    The pitch and sell sheet build awareness and interest—the follow-up lands the sale. We recommend asking a buyer how they prefer follow-up: phone, email, or in-person visit. Buyers are busy, and when it comes to sales, timing is everything.

    In her earlier days as a National Sales Manager, Good to Grow founder and CEO Andrea recalls one pitch where she followed up four times on the same product line, and finally after the fifth pitch, the buyer said, “Okay, if I was to pick the best four products, which ones would I pick?” You know the saying: the squeaky wheel gets the…sale.

We would love to support your food and beverage business to sales success. If you’re asking: how do I grow from here? This is it. With us, you’re Good to Grow. 

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