Here’s Why Innovation in Food and Beverage Matters

Why innovation in food and beverage matters

Consumer demands and expectations are constantly evolving, and they’re doing so alongside changing environments, world views, and ways of living. If food and beverage brands aren’t innovating, they are stalemating in the current climate.

Innovative food and beverage brands:

  • Grow business and community;
  • Create efficient, sustainable, exciting products;
  • Expand markets, and create competitive advantages and economic opportunity;
  • Close the food gap and reduce waste;
  • Optimize nutrition;
  • Create better methods and processes;
  • Advance sustainability;
  • Foster inclusivity and value diversity;
  • Find cruelty-free and fair ways of sourcing food;
  • Ensure access to affordable, fresh food for all.

We emphasize the importance of innovation in food and beverage at From The Ground Up Trade Show; in fact, on the registration form, we ask exhibitors to share why their product is an innovative fit for the show. Innovation is key to sustainably growing and feeding B.C., and ensuring lasting success for the brands we work with and the buyers we connect them with.

Innovative Brands at From The Ground Up Trade Show 2023

Innovative and diverse foods create connection, inclusion, and community, like Kula Foods and Hybis Brands:

We innovate plant-based nourishments with clean ingredients, new Afro-vegan flavours crafted with Canadian texturized protein and sauces made with monk fruit. BBQ sauce is traditionally full of sugar; we are proud to offer our sauces made with monk fruit. This means those with sensitivities to sugar or diabetes can enjoy delicious, nourishing food.”
Kula Foods

The development of Hibisberry is inspired by our local Nigerian beverage made from dried Roselle plant flowers. The Hibiscus Drink is commonly called Zobo in Nigeria, but it is also known as Roselle drink, or in the Caribbean, Sorrel drink. Hibiscus is highly nutritious because of its Vitamin C content, and it contains more antioxidants than green tea.”
Hybis Brands

Innovation advances nutrition and accessible food for everyone, while creating less waste with lower costs, like Plant Veda or Big Mountain Foods:

Cafes, restaurants, canteens go through a lot of oat milk/plant-based milks from aseptic cartons (like TetraPak), which are hard to recycle and take a lot of space. We are providing a concept with minimal waste and lower cost: a 100% recyclable bag that holds 10 litres of plant-based milk, and when empty, can be kept in a pocket.” Plant Veda

We’re offering the first soy-free tofu on the market made from fava beans with 64 g of protein per pack, which is especially important for those with soy allergies.” Big Mountain Foods

Innovation is local, natural, and sustainable, like Fraser Valley Hazelnuts and Corbicula Pollen:

We are the only hazelnut processing facility in Canada. We have worked hard to keep our product as local as possible.”
Fraser Valley Hazelnuts

We are B.C.’s only bee pollen producer. We believe food should just be food, unprocessed and as close to its original form as possible.” Corbicula Pollen

Innovation offers sustainable solutions that reduce packaging and food waste, while ensuring more food to more people, like ShareWares and Vancouver Food Runners:

While there are many reuse programs starting around the world, our unique differentiator is our simple-to-use customer-facing proprietary app and backend inventory tracking software (patent pending), as well as our city-wide collection network for reusable food packaging and in-house centralized washing facility.” ShareWares

“The app mobilizes thousands of volunteers with the touch of a screen. It’s an end-to-end system that matches food donors to non-profit beneficiaries and mobilizes a community of volunteers to transport food efficiently and cost-effectively between locations, reducing food waste in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.”Vancouver Food Runners

Taste innovation in food and beverage and meet these exhibitors plus many more at From The Ground Up Trade Show on May 18, 2023.


What does innovation mean to you? Drop us a note at if you want to share, or you have an innovative food and beverage product idea you’d like help growing.

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