Five Food and Beverage Product Development Did You Knows

Good to Grow food and beverage product development

Did you know that Good to Grow offers food and beverage product development services? We welcomed Shishira Suresh, Food Scientist & Product Developer, to our team this year to guide Good to Grow clients in natural food and beverage product development, commercialization and scale-up, food quality and safety, and regulatory requirements. 

We’re going to share more about Shishira and her work as an innovative product developer in our next post, but for now, we’re sharing some of her top product development “did you knows” to inform your product development journey.

Did you know that…?

  • The longer the shelf life, the better for both retailer and customer.
    Shishira and Good to Grow can help provide natural solutions to extend the shelf life of various food and beverage products while maintaining product quality.
  • Products that maintain visual appeal enhance customer experience.
    Colours that remain stable in a freeze-thaw cycle, under bright light, and during processing are key to consumers associating a product with freshness and quality. We can help source and incorporate the right colours for your product, so its visual appeal remains stable through acidic and heat-sensitive processing steps.
  • Flavour is a main contributor to consumer acceptance.
    Canada is wonderfully diverse, so developing a flavour profile that suits all palates is important to achieving product acceptance and success. We can help identify consumer insights, create iterations, and effectively record results.
  • Ingredient statements are one of the first things a customer looks at when they pick up a product.
    Ensuring clean, natural ingredients, while maintaining your cost margins, is important to product success.
  • Customers actively look for various certifications like Non-GMO, Halal, Organic, Kosher, and Plant-based.
    Food is so personal and consumers are increasingly invested in knowing how their food is grown and made. Certifications like these can help your product stand out and grow your business, and we can help you develop a product to obtain certification.

Whether your product is still in the idea stage or you are a growing business with an existing product, Shishira would love to help you reach your product’s full potential. Book a free 15 minute consultation with her today!

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