Good to Grow is excited to announce a new partnership with BCIT to write a business plan to implement a regional food research and development hub at the Good to Grow lab located in North Vancouver, as part of the Ministry of Agriculture B.C. Food Hub Network initiative. 

We are thrilled to be chosen alongside our partnership with BCIT as one of six organizations across British Columbia to participate. 

What does this mean for the growth of Good to Grow?

The partnership with BCIT is a monumental opportunity to add the expertise of a BC educational institution as we move forward in expanding our commercial kitchen to a functioning food and beverage research and development lab. 

Working with BCIT, we are creating a business plan to develop our facility into a Vancouver-based regional food hub. We will present our business plan to the Ministry of Agriculture in late 2019 for evaluation, and we will keep the food processor community updated with further developments.

What does this mean for local food processors, producers and business owners?

If the Good to Grow and BCIT business plan is chosen as successful, our partnership will be granted the funds to grow our commercial kitchen to a food processing centre and hub for local food and beverage companies to access to research, innovate, develop and market their products. 

“The vision for the B.C. Food Hub Network is to provide resources to help food and beverage processors throughout B.C. innovate and commercialize new products to bring to market,” says James Donaldson, CEO, BC Food Processors Association. “I think the communities selected will be able to make these important resources more accessible to the businesses that will benefit most from them.”

“The food hubs will make sure people and communities are benefiting from B.C.’s strong economic growth, while creating more demand for local food, helping farmers farm and keeping B.C.’s farmland in production,” says The Honourable Lana Popham, M.L.A., Minister of Agriculture.

A huge thank you to The Honourable Lana Popham and the Ministry of Agriculture for investing in sustainable growth and innovation in processing, packaging and marketing of BC food and beverage products through the B.C. Food Hub Network initiative. 

View the full Ministry of Agriculture news release here:

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