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Do you want to be in the From the Ground Up 2020 trade show but feel like you’re not totally ready? Perhaps your packaging is incomplete, you don’t believe your product costs are in line for selling to retail, or you feel a lack of confidence around presenting your products to retailers?

Don’t worry! Go ahead and apply, because this year for the first time, Good to Grow is offering six 4-hour workshops focused on preparing food and beverage processors who have applied for the trade show to be retail ready. Which means you can sell with confidence to industry buyers.

Vendors that are not required to join the cohort are welcome to join any and all sessions.

What will you gain from the cohort?

The workshops will support you with education and hands-on tools to ensure your products are retail ready and you have the confidence to present your brand at the show.

The monthly workshops leading up to the trade show are:

1. Research and Development / Operations

  • Research and Development DIY – learn the basics of how to monitor and measure your product shelf life

  • Understanding testing required from outside laboratories

  • How do you know when you need a food scientist and how to frame your project scope

  • How to find the right food scientist

  • How to improve COGS – simple steps

  • Producing your own products vs using a contract manufacturer (Co-packer)

Delivered by: Good to Grow + BCIT
October 15, 2019

2. Finance & Grants

  • How to manage your cash flow during the first 2 years

  • Loans vs Investors – requirements

  • How to find available grants to support your growing business

Delivered by: Good to Grow, Vancity & TBD
October 29, 2019

3. Business Development

  • What market channels make the most sense for your business now and in the next two years

  • Market channel strategy – what does each one cost and what are the benefits

  • Plan for expansion – geographic and larger retailers

Delivered by: Good to Grow & TBD
November 19, 2019

4. Sales & Trade Marketing – Trade Show Ready

  • How to approach a retailer

    • Samples, price list and sell sheet

    • Elements of building an effective sell sheet

    • Sales techniques

    • Best trade show practices

Delivered by: Good to Grow & TBD
December 10, 2019

5. Distribution

  • Short-term solutions for building your retail sales

  • Building the cost of distribution into your pricing model

  • Understanding how to determine who is the best distributor for your business

  • Walk through distribution exercise

  • Interviewing distributors at the trade show

Delivered by: Good to Grow & TBD
January 14, 2020

6. Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing strategy for your business

  • How to choose the right social platforms for your business

  • How to engage with influencers to help build your following

  • Build a framework of your one year digital strategy

Delivered by: Good to Grow & Piquant Marketing
February 11, 2020