It’s Good to Grow your essential business skills

You have a great product or idea. And maybe no one else is doing it.

You’re going for it, right?

Hang on a moment. It’s time to figure a few things out.

It’s time to ask yourself the right questions:

Can I scale it up?
Are my margins high enough?
Am I certain the market will accept my product?
What are the real costs of starting a successful food business?
Do I understand the rules and regulations for labeling?

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of answering these questions on your own?

Take our Good to Grow starter course, “Grow Your Food Business”

This one-day course gives you the cold splash in your face that you’ve needed to take a serious look at your product’s true potential.

Knowing your metrics is key to stopping a costly business idea in its tracks or getting the green light to proceed – and we have the tools to help.

Take a closer look at the basics in this one-day workshop. With the help of professionals, who know food processing inside and out, you will cover

  • Business Planning
  • Market Access
  • Financial Planning
  • Labeling & Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Digital Strategy

Ready for a deeper dive into business planning for your food business?

2019 One Day Workshop Series; Grow your food business.

Learn what it takes to turn your food or beverage product idea into a business! Understand the business scope: planning, finance, marketing, packaging and distribution. Join us for this one-day informative course and give your product the best chance to sprout:

Vancouver: September 11 2019Vancity Head Office, 183 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Vancity Member discount 50% (on proof of business membership at the one-day workshop)