About Us

You have a great, unique product.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your timeline, whether you have a seed of an idea, your business is emerging, or you are focused on growth, you have one question in mind: How do I grow from here?

That’s where Good to Grow comes in. We have helped literally hundreds of companies launch, grow and expand products and brands both physically and geographically. With our business courses, coaching, mentoring and financial advisory services, we can meet you wherever you are in your business — and coach you to that next level.

Andrea Gray-Grant – Founder, Sales, Marketing and Operations Specialist

Andrea understands every step of a food processor’s journey — the detailed government regulations, the grocery store sector, bankers, endless hours of production, and the physical and emotional challenges of being an entrepreneur — which gives her strength in nurturing new and emerging food businesses.

One might wonder how she developed such a breadth of experience. Well, Andrea started in the natural and organic food industry more than 25 years ago. During her successful sales and marketing career, she launched products in every area of the store. And, managed sales forces — internal and external — across Canada and the U.S.

Andrea even launched her own idea — Tarragon Foods. Her emerging business built a manufacturing plant, and as part of her growth strategy she went on to manage and co-pack for other local food businesses.

Teaching, coaching and mentoring local BC food and beverage businesses was a natural fit for Andrea. And so, for more than 7 years, she has been fuelling her passion and momentum by helping hundreds of companies in realizing their dreams through her own experience as a food business owner and processor.

Daphne I. Tsai – Product Development and Marketing Specialist

Daphne’s unique and comprehensive background give a global perspective on situations and a creative approach when working through projects and challenges.

Daphne has taken her skills and knowledge as a multi-disciplinary food scientist and marketer to the production lines of many well-known brands, like Lipton, Hampton House, So Nice Beverage, Sunrise, Daiya Foods and Enwave Corporation.

Daphne is fascinated with creating processes and improving food products. And, she uses her experience, enthusiasm and innovative mindset to encourage processors to work on product development, plant safety and operations, packaging as a marketing tool, branding, project management and so much more.

Megan Carey ​– ​Digital Strategist

Megan is the digital strategist and voice behind Good to Grow’s social media (find us on Instagram and Facebook!).

Her communications savvy doesn’t stop at social, though. Megan is a career communicator with experience in local government, non-profit and corporate settings. She’s a creative writer and storyteller with dexterity in managing and repurposing content across audiences and platforms. She is a project manager and strategist who thinks big picture while attending to every tactical detail.

Her newest addition to the resumé? Aspiring foodie. She’s happy to stretch her wide-ranging communications experience to a new industry as she learns and eats her way through BC local food culture, supporting inspiring entrepreneurs and local food businesses through Good to Grow.

Meghan Carter – Marketing & Sustainability Strategist

Meghan’s multidisciplinary academic background in environmental studies and sustainable business gives her a unique point-of-view when approaching projects and sustainable strategies and solutions for the Good to Grow team and clients.

Her experience in community engagement, stakeholder consultations, event planning, and interview-based market research for the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors is foundational to her work conducting market research, supporting projects and coaching, and coordinating education and industry events.

She is passionate about helping local, small-scale businesses incorporate sustainability into their sourcing, operations, packaging, and marketing activities, and is particularly interested in the recovery of food loss and waste; the conversation around sustainable packaging; and as a lifelong Vancouverite, supporting the use of locally sourced ingredients.