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Good to Grow Icon Good to Grow is a group of dynamic individuals who possess incredible skill levels in each area of food processing. We are experts in all areas of food manufacturing and are part of an influential network to help build a strong foundation for local food processors in the start-up and emerging phase of the business.

Good to Grow knows about the challenges of your never ending to-do list, from government compliance to plugged drains.

We can't help you with the drains but our expertise in food manufacturing will help you build a strong foundation for your business.

•  We educate – Our experts from the field offer workshops on marketing, finance, operations, R & D, and communications.

•  We advocate – We’re part of an influential network. We have working relationships with government, retailers, and related associations.

•  We connect – Use our resources; we pass on up-to-date information and contacts to help you grow.

Your food processing company is the way to a sustainable and prosperous local food economy. You don't have to get there by yourself.



Our Philosophy

It's this simple: When we eat well, we flourish. We support makers who care about ingredients, our community, and our economy.






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